What is negative pressure therapy?

Negative pressure wound therapy uses a special vacuum-sealed dressing to create a negative pressure environment. This environment helps to increase blood flow to the area and draw out excess fluid from the wound.

The vacuum dressing can either be used continuously or intermittently depending on the type of wound and where it is located. Negative pressure wound therapy can also be used for a few days to several months, depending on what our specialists determine.

What are the benefits of using this therapy?

Negative pressure therapy is relatively non-invasive and has been shown to accelerate healing and reduce the risk of infection.

The pump that creates the vacuum seal is small and portable making it ideal for those who are candidates for the therapy and are being treated at home with the assistance of a home health care provider.

What types of wounds are treated using this therapy?

Several types of wounds can benefit from negative pressure therapy including:

  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Venous ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • First and second-degree burns
  • Chronic wounds
  • Wounds with large amounts of drainage
  • Surgical and acute wounds at high risk for infection