For proper healing, a wound must receive constant care and attention. This is where our specialists at Meadows Health dvanced Wound Care come in.

Using the latest scientific techniques, treatments are specifically chosen to fit the type of wound. Treatment plans are customized to each patient and may include one or more the following techniques:

When there’s a significant loss of skin, or difficulty in growing new tissue, bio-engineered skin “substitutes” are used to reduce inflammation, promote cell growth, minimize scar tissue and enhance healing. 

If you’re dealing with swollen, achy legs or varicose veins, compression therapy can help. Special tight-fitting stockings or socks are used to support veins, reduce swelling, prevent blood from pooling and increase circulation.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses high levels of oxygen to increase the body’s own wound-healing abilities. HBOT is one of the best forms of adjunct therapy for many types of wounds. Learn more →

This therapeutic technique uses a special vacuum-sealed dressing to create an environment conducive to healing. Learn more →

Off-loading uses specialized dressings, padding or other devices to relieve pressure on a wounded area, usually in the lower extremities.

This topical treatment uses special gels to stimulate the body's own regenerative mechanisms in order to produce new tissue and blood vessels. Learn more →

When dead or damaged tissue is preventing a wound from healing properly, debridement may be used. This surgical procedure removes unhealthy tissue and promotes healing.

In many cases, the best course of action is to create a moist, sterile environment to promote healing while keeping infection-causing bacteria at bay. This is where our advanced medications and topical treatments can help.